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Hello hello!
This is the second of three songs we will be releasing. The third will be out Thursday February 28th! Hopefully along with our kickstarter. We're trying to raise enough money to help get us into the most beautiful studio any of us have ever seen. The owner of said studio is a Peter Mavrogeorgis. We really hope you enjoy this track.

Lucas, Chris, Parker & Sam


Darling, I've put myself through hell,
Still you wont hold me, wont you show me
That one day, you'll be done, you'll go back to your old ways
And it'd be worth the wait

I'm one, to fill my head with notions of a young boy
It seems low to end something just cause you'll be heartbroke
I know, it'd be worth it just to spend some time with you
This endless search for words that are fit to describe you

So far the best I've got
is you're a different hue (x3)

If you want me, to leave I'll let you be, you just say so
I hate to see you go
Cause somedays, you seem done you go back to your old ways
It's almost worth the wait
I'm naive, I'm jealous also anxious,
I don't mean to be, I'll take it easy
Please forgive me, I know that most of what we say is sorry
I wont be bitter anymore

If only, you knew just how much I once adored you
I think back to our hands locked tight, I never felt so new
I know it'd be worth just to see some side of you
This endless search for words that are fit to describe you

So far the best I've got
Is you're a different hue (x4)


released February 21, 2013
Guitar, Vocals- Lucas Carpenter
Drums- Chris Befeld
Keys- Parker Stewart
Bass- Sam Haigley

Lyrics- Lucas Carpenter
Music- Corey Hines & Lucas Carpenter
All music produced by Lucas Carpenter
Album Art- Lucas Carpenter
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Deep Search Savannah, Georgia

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